Fun in Life Drawing??

What started out as a pretty normal Life Drawing session soon became something that I didn’t think could happen in a Life Drawing session, and that’s fun. It was a silly session which I really enjoyed, we got to use the model as reference for character design so I decided to play around with some characters and then I ended up making little comics and gave my images a little bit of personality and I ended up having a really fun Life Drawing session, if only they were like this more often.


Oh and there’s also this. It was supposed to be a drawing where we look away from the board and just trust our eyes & hand to know what to do, but the more I look at this drawing the more I feel bad for it, please put it out of its misery



Life Drawing #1

I really like life-drawing. When I first did it in college I thought seeing someone stark naked infront of me would be too awkward and off-putting, but after the first minute of awkwardness it’s really good. I like how you don’t really notice the anatomy, but you notice the figure and all the curves and shapes that make it up, which is very beneficial especially if you’re a technical artist. Sometimes it’s better not to follow a formula.

Here are three one minute images (willow charcoal on newsprint):


Here are three 2 minute images (willow charcoal on newsprint):


Here is a 10 minute image (willow charcoal and green oil pastel on newsprint):IMG_0936

Here is a 30 minute image (willow charcoal and white chalk on black paper):


Even though I’m more of a cartoonist, I still really enjoy life drawing and I can’t wait to do it again!