Business Dog – 3 Dog Turnarounds

Three turnarounds for everyone’s favourite poochy protagonist. Normal, without collar and of course, as the business dog.




Business Dog – Animation Tests #1

Welp, since it looks like I’ll probably be making this film next year I decided to start doing some animation tests. This film will be in an art style I’ve never really worked with before so I felt that the most important thing to focus on at the moment would be how to accomplish this with TVPaint and how to make this a quick streamlined process.

Below is the first animation test I made. Was just playing around with the style, the shading and the framerate (because I want a relatively low framerate for the final film, working with 3s, 4s, 5s & even 6s but rarely 2s). This was just a test to see how the pooch would move when trotting happily, I like how it came up but I feel more tests should be done first.

To get the style I first animated it normally, then I coloured underneath & deleted the lineart layer. They I redrew the lineart over the top but more minimalistic, and then I shaded with a hard light layer & soft light layer for the brights.


Below is another animation test I did to familiarise myself with this method of working. Things like panting & tail wagging I want to only have 2 frames of animation, any more and I feel like it would be too much.


And the last test I did of the night below shows how the character will behave with shadows & shading. So when in normal light the character will have normal shading & lighting but when interacting with a shadow the character will be completely dark, no light or further shading necessary.


I will be doing more tests throughout the week to familiarise myself with this new style of animating