Business Dog – 3 Dog Turnarounds

Three turnarounds for everyone’s favourite poochy protagonist. Normal, without collar and of course, as the business dog.




The New Captain Tremaine

You may remember from my storyboard and my animatic that the main character, the pirate captain was called ‘Captain Tremaine’ and I’d designed him as a lion (because Tremaine = Tre-Mane, Lion’s have manes, haha I’m hilarious) and recently I decided to revisit the character and see if I could make him into my own character and move him away from the ‘Zoo Troop’ story (as I don’t own that).

I kept his old design and last name as they’re not really copyrighted/trademarked and decided to give him a first name, ‘Lionel’. Lionel Tremaine, I’m great at lion puns. I also decided to give him a pirate rival who I decided to make a wolf mainly because dogs and cats hate each other, so I can image wolves and lions would hate each other so much more. I also gave him a pun filled name ‘Wolfgang Peterson’. Wolfgang, like Lionel, has the animal name in it so that fits well, and the last name is Peterson after the score ‘Peter and the Wolf’. I know, I’ve very clever when it comes to naming.

Definitely going to develop Tremaine’s story a bit more in the coming weeks!



Title Sequence Progress #1

Been pretty busy lately working on my Title Sequence project. This is the biggest project I’ve ever worked on in a group, and I cannot put into words how happy I am that I’m working in a team and not alone, because something like this I’d never be able to manage alone.

Our group chose to create the title sequence of a radio show called “Paradise Lost in Cyberspace”, a british comedy set in a dystopian future where once you reach the age of 70 you are to willingly kill yourself (by taking a suicide pill), otherwise the age police will do it for you. Despite how dark it may sound, it’s actually really funny, very reminiscent of Blackadder with it’s humour.

The images below are the final concept arts images of the main characters featured in the opening. The original character concepts were designed by one of my team mates, then I chose what style we’d work with and adapted the character designs into that style. The radio play gives very little description of the character’s appearances, except one, Andrea Sunbeam (the yellow one) who is described as wearing only a bikini and having a yellow polka-dot gun holster. The style is very different to what I’m used to working with but it’s something I knew we had to have as it would work well for the title sequence.