Business Dog – BG Style Test

Ok so for this the background you see is actually originally a real picture of an office, but after applying a filter to it in photoshop it makes it look similar to the background style I’d want for my final film. I doubt I’d use this filter for the final thing but i’d definitely want to play around with it more



Business Dog – Environment Tests

For convenience i decided to work with lines for this image, I just wanted to test out the colours and composition to see how well they’d work together. I felt like this worked but also that it was missing something, so I decided to play around with the light & colour levels, and as you can see it looks SO much better. This made me realise that if this film DOES get made then not only will I need a strong animation team but I will also need a strong compositing & editing team who will be able to give this film the perfect colours & lighting to really bring it to life



Business Dog – Colour boards

I’ve been working on these for the past 2 weeks but I thought I’d wait until they were all done before I uploaded them. Here is a short colour sequence showing the lil dog put on his moustache, and go to work and blend in seamlessly. So sorry about the art style inconsistency and the fact that in some shots he has a suit jacket on and others he doesn’t, I did these out of order and I was still trying to figure out if the dog would just wear a fake moustache or not, but then I realised that if he’s wearing a fake moustache people will see him as a human and if he’s not wearing clothes that would be very strange (even if it is just a jacket, but hey-ho, cartoon logic).

Experimented with a few things here such as style, lighting and texture. Going to play around with those elements alot more in the future



Business Dog Character Concepts


I really like my design for the dog and hopefully I wont have to change it when it comes to next year but if there’s a better alternative i’m willing to consider it.


Here’s my design for the owner of the dog. Originally I had considered her to be a guy but after talking to a lecturer he questioned why did it have to be a woman, so I changed it. But then after another talk he said people might get the wrong idea of a woman in the workplace having to chose between her dog and her job, but it’s too late, she’s a woman now and deadlines are soon.



Business Dog – Animation Tests #1

Welp, since it looks like I’ll probably be making this film next year I decided to start doing some animation tests. This film will be in an art style I’ve never really worked with before so I felt that the most important thing to focus on at the moment would be how to accomplish this with TVPaint and how to make this a quick streamlined process.

Below is the first animation test I made. Was just playing around with the style, the shading and the framerate (because I want a relatively low framerate for the final film, working with 3s, 4s, 5s & even 6s but rarely 2s). This was just a test to see how the pooch would move when trotting happily, I like how it came up but I feel more tests should be done first.

To get the style I first animated it normally, then I coloured underneath & deleted the lineart layer. They I redrew the lineart over the top but more minimalistic, and then I shaded with a hard light layer & soft light layer for the brights.


Below is another animation test I did to familiarise myself with this method of working. Things like panting & tail wagging I want to only have 2 frames of animation, any more and I feel like it would be too much.


And the last test I did of the night below shows how the character will behave with shadows & shading. So when in normal light the character will have normal shading & lighting but when interacting with a shadow the character will be completely dark, no light or further shading necessary.


I will be doing more tests throughout the week to familiarise myself with this new style of animating