Teapots of Horror – Animation

It’s a simple animation but if I was to make the Teapots of Horror documentary  this is the style I would have made it in, so it looks like a moving watercolour painting



Teapots of Horror

I’ve kinda been slacking with updating my blog haha, but not to sound cliché but “new year new me” gonna try and keep this up to date. So here’s what I never uploaded here, from my Pre-Production assignment in which we were given 4 cards, one with a genre, one with a character, what with a setting, and one with an artist, and from those 4 cards we were to make a story. My cards were ‘Documentary, Teapots, Fairgrounds, and Outsider Art’. And from those cards I managed to create a dark story telling the story of how in a society of teapot and coffeepot people the teapots are oppressed and mistreated, and they children (teacups) are kidnapped from them and mutilated so their heads can be used for the teacups ride at the fairground. A strange idea I know but I like it.

The documentary would have featured a teapot man going round interviewing teapots and coffeepots that had once harvested the teacup children for their heads, and he’d try to find out why they made the teacups ride and what for. The documentary would end with the teapot man riding the teacups ride for the first time in his life to see what all the fuss is about and the film would end with a shot of his face as he’s on the ride, no knowing whether he enjoyed it or not.

Here is some of the concept art I made, showing the teapots and the coffepots in all their glory (all this art was made traditionall with watercolour and charcoal)