Experimental Animation FINAL

Here’s my final animation for the experimental project. The deadline for this project was a little tight, so considering the amount of time I had to plan and make this, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

This was made on a chalkboard and the lips we made by me kissing a piece of paper wearing way too much lipstick.

When I have more time I will definitely be using these techniques again, because when they look good, boy, do they look good.


Experimental Test #1

Had an idea for an experimental animation, and that would be to wear some lip stick, lip sync something, and as I was saying the words I’d kiss some paper┬áso the lip stick would leave an imprint of my mouth shape. It was a very messy experiment and my lips were kinda tingly from all the lip stick I had to wear but I really like how this all turned out. I definitely want to take this further in the future.

(The camera movements and lighting is iffy because I made this in my flat and I didn’t have a tripod or ideal lighting for this, it was just a quick idea that I had to do asap)