Business Dog – BG Style Test

Ok so for this the background you see is actually originally a real picture of an office, but after applying a filter to it in photoshop it makes it look similar to the background style I’d want for my final film. I doubt I’d use this filter for the final thing but i’d definitely want to play around with it more



Mimicking some Backgrounds

For the background project we were to research an artist that paints naturalistic backgrounds and draw inspiration from them (no pun intended). The artist I chose was Matt Nava, a concept artist best known for his work on the game ‘journey’. The reason I chose Nava was because his art style is very simplistic and stylised, and doesn’t rely on using too many different colours. I really enjoy backgrounds more once I realise how few colours and & shades they use to create such fantastical backgrounds, so it seemed really fitting to pick Nava’s work.

tumblr_mb2p4uC3vo1qdbhwwo2_1280JourneyBG (Top: Original, Bottom: Mine)



 (Top: Original, Bottom: Mine)

I learnt alot from mimicking his art, and I feel like I’ve improved alot as an artist, and this will hopefully allow me to create my own unique style of backgrounds!