Business Dog – Animation Tests

To try and get more comfortable with animating the Business Dog style I decided to create some animation tests to see how easy this would be to teach to the other members of the team.

The animation below was made on Photoshop, originally we were going to animate with a hybrid of TVPaint and Photoshop but after animating this I realised that making a 5 minute animated film in it would just not be quick or easy and the film would probably never be finished.


And the animation below was made on TVPaint. I made the brushes myself and honestly I prefer them to the Photoshop brushes I used. Along with the animation looking more appealing it was also significantly quicker than animating in Photoshop. Because of this I’ve decided that all the animation will be made in TVPaint, it’ll be quicker, easier and it’ll look nicer. So it’s a win-win situation!



Final Title Sequence

For this assignment we were to create a title sequence from a brief, our group chose to do ‘radio to screen’ which is making a title sequence based on a radio play.

Overall I think the final video is pretty great! There are so many little things that I’d like to have tweeked, such as timings & FX just so it all looks a little more professional, but this project combined with all the other projects we had this year (plus some discord within the group itself) left us pretty stuck for time, so it wasn’t possible to make this look as good as it could have been…

My role in the group was Director, and Animator. All the animations were made in Celaction, and I made all the puppets


Experimental Animation FINAL

Here’s my final animation for the experimental project. The deadline for this project was a little tight, so considering the amount of time I had to plan and make this, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

This was made on a chalkboard and the lips we made by me kissing a piece of paper wearing way too much lipstick.

When I have more time I will definitely be using these techniques again, because when they look good, boy, do they look good.


Working in 24 frames

In this video I was showing how I could add a character to a parallax bg, and looking back on it I was really unhappy with that run cycle. It looked really choppy and stiff, which is weird because I’m so used to working with 12fps, so I decided to add some more frames to move it up to 24fps, and WOW what a difference it makes. I think it’s time I moved away from 12fps and started working with 24fps more. Yeah there will be more frames, which will mean my animation will take longer to make, but given how good it looks I think it’s 100% worth it.