2D & 3D Showreel (1st Semester)

Whoops, forgot to upload these here. But these are my reels from my first semester of animation principles.


Animation Principles #7 – Jumping into a pool

Sorry there’s no week #6 but the project was a looping animation and I had some problems uploading it to youtube (it will all be visible in my animation principles showreel which will be coming around January time).

Anyways, here is week #7’s task, create a character and show them jumping from a diving board into a pool. The first version may seem a little choppy but that’s because unfortunately I ran out of animation paper when creating it, so I had to use what paper I had sparingly (sorry about the quality Dragonframe had a peculiar setting that I just couldn’t figure out how to fix).

The version below is the improved version I created after getting more paper, it’s still not perfect (the ears jolt around alot) but it’s certainly an improvement from the previous version. Eventually I will clean up and ink the animation which may be shown in my final showreel.


Animation Principles #4 – Lifting a Weight

For one of my assignments I was supposed to show a character lifting an object with a noticeable weight. Despite me not being too keen on Flash, I really like how this turned out. The only problem I have with it is that when the character is pushing the weight into the air it looks like the character isn’t moving slowly, but is more like he’s moving in slow motion, which I don’t like.