Animation Goals – Freak of the Week

Recently I found this animated music video called “Freak of the Week”, and instantly I fell in love with the animation. At first I wasn’t too keen on the song, but the animation just blew me away so much, that I love the song now because I associate it with the visuals. (also warm colour schemes will always win me over)

The first thing I’d like to talk about is the animation on the hair. That was the first thing that stuck out to me, not only is it outstandingly animated (it looks so soft I just want to brush it!) but it’s also really rare to see, what I like to call: “Disney Princess” hair on male characters. In animation the characters with long, flowing, lucious hair is mainly the women, and off the top of my head I can only think of one 2D animated film where the man has lovely hair, and the woman has very stiff hair, and that’s ‘Tarzan’. I always find it very refreshing to see role reversals like this in animation. It’s like seeing a ballet animation with a guy as the star, it just doesn’t happen much.

Secondly, the character animation. I love it. The animators have managed to find a nice blend of realistic looking characters that move and behave like cartoon charcters but not feeling the need to distort the characters to seem over the top and cartoony (something that I ADORE in animation). Also the characters are based off the real band members (seen at the end of the video) and the animators managed to capture them all perfectly, which I have alot of respect for.

I’ve been watching this video repeatedly for about 2 weeks now, and each time I’m noticing something new about the animation that I love, and because of this video I’m saving up to buy myself a copy of TVPaint!

Anyways, after watching the video I noticed in the related videos that there was a ‘making of’ which, of course, I HAD to watch. I always love seeing the process of making animations, and honestly I think animators like to show the process of how they made animations (I can’t blame them honestly)

The big thing that captivated me about the ‘making of’ was the fact that they’d drawn over 3D models. It’s not exactly rotoscoping as the models were really low poly and just captured the figure really, and I really like the effect they got from doing this. It allows the characters to stay on model precisely and it also meant that the characters could be put in 3D environments and behave like they were actually there and not just seen as 2D characters in a 3D environment  (which is a common complaint I have with 2D and 3D animation mixed together). I love both 2D and 3D animation and in the future I would love to work on a project that blends both the mediums together as well as seen in this animation.