About Me

Hi! I’m Philippa Borman, or ‘Chiibe’ as I’m known mostly online. I’m a 3rd year animation student who just loves to create things. I love making stories and characters and world building and ALL THAT STUFF, it’s so fun and it’s all I want to do in life.

Since I’m an animation student it’s pretty obvious that i’m a huge fan of animation, but I don’t just like watching it, actually doing it too is a big passion of mine. Being able to bring something to life that was just once and idea, is a truly amazing feeling. It’s like having a child I suppose only with less vomiting, pooping, and I would say less crying, but it’s animation, there’s always crying involved.

My career goal is to become an Animation Director. Y’know what John Lasseter does? Well that’s pretty much what I’m aiming towards, probably not gonna be AS BIG as Lasseter but I can dream haha.


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