Too long…

Today was the rough animatic screening for Business Dog, and we got ALOT of feedback, some good, some bad, but its given us alot to work with.

The main concern was that the story was too long, the animatic was 7 minutes but one of our lecturers referred to it as “feeling like 15 minutes” They say time flies when you’re having fun so what does that say about my film hm? I won’t be discouraged by that comment though.

Another one said that whilst the story was actually pretty solid and worked very well, we wouldn’t be able to finish a film of this scale in this timeframe which I completely agree with.

SO after a very long LONG LONG day we’ve reworked the story, it’s not beat for beat the story I wanted to tell but in it’s new form it will definitely be completed and it still holds the core message of the story which I’m happy about. I think i’m going to save the longer version of Business Dog for a rainy day, possibly pitch it as a film at a later date haha