Business Dog is Greenlit!


After a very VERY successful pitch I’m happy to announce that Business Dog is officially ¬†greenlit and is going to be made! I’m so overjoyed that I’m gonna be able to make my film, and not just that, seeing how much people enjoyed the story pitch made me very emotional, knowing that people like something i’ve created is a feeling I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words.

Onwards to this year and HOPEFULLY a smooth production of Business Dog!



Business Dog – Concepts

Business Dog is the story i’m hoping to make into my final film in 3rd year. It’s about a dog that goes to get a job to spend more time with his overworking owner. I won’t say anymore about the overall story but i’m to be pitching it in about a week to the course so i’m really hoping it gets through! Here are the concept art I’ve created over summer that will be used in my pitch!