Business Dog – Colour Concepts

Just a lil bit of colour concept art to try and set the tone for the time of day. Think this was a pretty successful test and I really like the outcome


Business Dog – Animation Tests #1

Welp, since it looks like I’ll probably be making this film next year I decided to start doing some animation tests. This film will be in an art style I’ve never really worked with before so I felt that the most important thing to focus on at the moment would be how to accomplish this with TVPaint and how to make this a quick streamlined process.

Below is the first animation test I made. Was just playing around with the style, the shading and the framerate (because I want a relatively low framerate for the final film, working with 3s, 4s, 5s & even 6s but rarely 2s). This was just a test to see how the pooch would move when trotting happily, I like how it came up but I feel more tests should be done first.

To get the style I first animated it normally, then I coloured underneath & deleted the lineart layer. They I redrew the lineart over the top but more minimalistic, and then I shaded with a hard light layer & soft light layer for the brights.


Below is another animation test I did to familiarise myself with this method of working. Things like panting & tail wagging I want to only have 2 frames of animation, any more and I feel like it would be too much.


And the last test I did of the night below shows how the character will behave with shadows & shading. So when in normal light the character will have normal shading & lighting but when interacting with a shadow the character will be completely dark, no light or further shading necessary.


I will be doing more tests throughout the week to familiarise myself with this new style of animating


Fun in Life Drawing??

What started out as a pretty normal Life Drawing session soon became something that I didn’t think could happen in a Life Drawing session, and that’s fun. It was a silly session which I really enjoyed, we got to use the model as reference for character design so I decided to play around with some characters and then I ended up making little comics and gave my images a little bit of personality and I ended up having a really fun Life Drawing session, if only they were like this more often.


Oh and there’s also this. It was supposed to be a drawing where we look away from the board and just trust our eyes & hand to know what to do, but the more I look at this drawing the more I feel bad for it, please put it out of its misery



Business Dog – My third year film (hopefully)

Now that I’ve returned I can finally share the idea for my final film that I’ll hopefully be making next year.


I want the art style to be very simple, using very simple shapes & colours for the characters. The shading will be similar to that in the short film ‘Feast’ where the shading is very high contrast, the lights are bright and the shadows are dark. The animation will be completely lineless but will still have the occasional outline showing, just to show where edges are.

So yeah, this is my idea, it was received well during the first informal pitch, so I just gotta work on developing it for a short 3-5 minute film now!


Where have I been & where am I going?

Whew, well it’s been a while since i’ve updated things here haha, didn’t intend on leaving it so long until my next update but things have happened which stopped me from really putting all the effort I wanted into this course…

For a while now I’ve been struggling with motivation problems, there could be so many things I want and need to do but I often would just find myself lay in bed worrying about it all instead of actually doing it. I’ve had this problem since college and I’ve been trying to tackle it head on as of late, but because of this I’ve neglected some of my studies along with this blog and I’m really trying to pick up the pace again. I was actually diagnosed with depression lately so my doctor thinks that’s the main source of my problems and she’s given me a few ways of dealing with the problem.

Because of this I’ve been finding it hard to really enjoy this course this past year. I feel like I’ve lost the passion for it I once had, well, that was until it came around to working on our possible third year films for next year. Ideas have always been what I love doing, not essays, writing, or reading any of that malarkey, but just creating ideas and working with those ideas either on my own or with people. I’ve always loved that, and that’s why I love animation, because not only can I have ideas that I get excited about but I’m also able to bring them to life using my own two hands. I’ve not had chance to do that much this year but now that I’m finally able to do something i’m more than passionate about I can feel my love for this course being rekindled, my motivation is flooding back and I’m starting to remember why I even joined this course in the first place.

Hopefully my┬ámotivation problems won’t hinder me during my third year as I’m planning on writing & directing a final film! I’ve had good feedback from everyone I’ve told my idea to so hopefully it will go through and I’ll be able to make it a reality!


So overall I just want to say, I finally feel like I’ve found my calling in this course, and I’m so excited to go on to the next year and make my final film!!