Mimicking some Backgrounds

For the background project we were to research an artist that paints naturalistic backgrounds and draw inspiration from them (no pun intended). The artist I chose was Matt Nava, a concept artist best known for his work on the game ‘journey’. The reason I chose Nava was because his art style is very simplistic and stylised, and doesn’t rely on using too many different colours. I really enjoy backgrounds more once I realise how few colours and & shades they use to create such fantastical backgrounds, so it seemed really fitting to pick Nava’s work.

tumblr_mb2p4uC3vo1qdbhwwo2_1280JourneyBG (Top: Original, Bottom: Mine)



 (Top: Original, Bottom: Mine)

I learnt alot from mimicking his art, and I feel like I’ve improved alot as an artist, and this will hopefully allow me to create my own unique style of backgrounds!


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