Experimental Animation FINAL

Here’s my final animation for the experimental project. The deadline for this project was a little tight, so considering the amount of time I had to plan and make this, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

This was made on a chalkboard and the lips we made by me kissing a piece of paper wearing way too much lipstick.

When I have more time I will definitely be using these techniques again, because when they look good, boy, do they look good.


Working in 24 frames

In this video I was showing how I could add a character to a parallax bg, and looking back on it I was really unhappy with that run cycle. It looked really choppy and stiff, which is weird because I’m so used to working with 12fps, so I decided to add some more frames to move it up to 24fps, and WOW what a difference it makes. I think it’s time I moved away from 12fps and started working with 24fps more. Yeah there will be more frames, which will mean my animation will take longer to make, but given how good it looks I think it’s 100% worth it.



Title Sequence Progress #1

Been pretty busy lately working on my Title Sequence project. This is the biggest project I’ve ever worked on in a group, and I cannot put into words how happy I am that I’m working in a team and not alone, because something like this I’d never be able to manage alone.

Our group chose to create the title sequence of a radio show called “Paradise Lost in Cyberspace”, a british comedy set in a dystopian future where once you reach the age of 70 you are to willingly kill yourself (by taking a suicide pill), otherwise the age police will do it for you. Despite how dark it may sound, it’s actually really funny, very reminiscent of Blackadder with it’s humour.

The images below are the final concept arts images of the main characters featured in the opening. The original character concepts were designed by one of my team mates, then I chose what style we’d work with and adapted the character designs into that style. The radio play gives very little description of the character’s appearances, except one, Andrea Sunbeam (the yellow one) who is described as wearing only a bikini and having a yellow polka-dot gun holster. The style is very different to what I’m used to working with but it’s something I knew we had to have as it would work well for the title sequence.



Lip-sync #1

For this exercise we were to make a two characters interacting with each other. One would say a line (chosen from a list of a few lines given to us), and the other would react to what they said, and we were supposed to use a video reference, however that will not be shown simply due to my friend not wanting to be online.

My favourite thing about this was definitely using follow-through on the ears, and it was so easy to do with Flash’s layering system. Now while Flash isn’t my favourite program, I will admit the timeline features are alot easier to work with than Photoshop’s.