Story Ideas #1

I have so many ideas that I like that I usually forget, so I’m just going to write down some of my favourites that I’ve had recently:

  1. A cannibal in the zombie apocalypse that just happens to be the only one immune. Doesn’t want to try and cure people, he has an awesome time eating people with his zombie buddies.
  2. A boy who is cursed to get erections everytime he sees a girl accidentally get’s transferred to an all girls school.
  3. Tigers have to literally earn their stripes by doing a daring deed at a young age to prove themselves. A young tiger is taken by poachers before he earns them, he escapes and is raised in the suburbs by a family that think it’s a normal cat.
  4. Ghosts can only exist if you say their names. A spirit medium’s friend dies and has to make her say his name to keep him “alive”. Ghost guy has to convince his friend to make people forget the names of evil people that are ghosts, so he can “live” safely.
  5. Schizophrenic girl can’t tell the difference between her world and the real world, and more than anything she wants a real friend, but doesn’t want to take any medicine because of the friends she’s made in her world.

These are just a few ideas that I’ll hopefully one day see through, but for now I’ll keep them here. (and they’re dated so no-one can steal them hopefully)


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