Here is my final 3D model, and if I’m honest I’m really happy with how it turned out, especially since before now I’d never touched a 3D modelling program in my entire life. Since the last step what I have done is create another mesh atop of the mudbox mesh (using the quad draw tool) just so I wouldn’t be working with the large amount of polygons that mudbox created – basically a lower resolution mesh. To make this easier on myself I modelled half of this new mesh, then mirrored it and zipped up the seam.


When I mirrored the mesh I made the opposite side a different colour whilst I zipped it up just so it would be easier for me to distinguish between sides so I don’t accidentally mess with a wrong part and completely ruin my model.


Then after all that I created the UV’s using Maya’s unwrap function. This part made me wish I’d used more curved when creating my second mesh, but it worked well enough, it was just a little bit more finicky than I expected.


Below you will find the UV’s for this model. For the eyes I only used the same UV for each eye because it just seemed quicker and more sensible, I spent alot of time making this model symmetrical, so why stop now?


The body’s UVs


The Eye’s UVs


The nose’s UVs

So now that I had the UV’s all I needed to do was paint them and stick them back on my model. For the painting I used a combination of Photoshop and Mudbox. I did most of it on Mudbox but for the little details I went to Photoshop. So then I added the UV’s back onto the model, and voila it was done! (plus some nice lighting effects for when I render).


I’m not going to pretend this was easy, because Maya is really difficult, but despite the difficulty I really enjoyed this! It really was a labor of love for me, and I cant wait to do more in 3D and move onto bigger and greater things!


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