3D Model Progress #4

The version of the model seen in Progress #3 was originally going to be the final model, all I needed to do was create the UV’s and finish the texture. And since this character is very furry I was going to use Maya’s default fur setting to give the model a realistic furry look. However when experimenting with fur I just couldn’t get the right look and the model ended up looking very barren and nothing like the original turnaround. So I went back into mudbox and decided to re-sculpt the character to look more like a plastic toy over a realistic wolfy, and honestly I like how this looks alot more. (Also some minor edits include closing the mouth because adding teeth was too finicky, and adding eyes and a nose so the character looks a little more lifelike now).


Below are some more lighting tests on the character model. I really enjoy experimenting with lighting and it’s something that I’d definitely like to look more into in the future.


(p.s. figured out how to have an orthographic display in mudbox so this turnaround looks alot neater than the previous one)


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