3D Model Progress #3

Admittedly I really enjoy the mudbox part of the 3D modelling process as it’s more like painting which I find pretty easy. The model I used was slightly different to the last one as I made it completely symmetrical for mudbox just so the sculpting would be alot easier, which it was! Also I think I’ve kinda accepting this character won’t have any eyes or teeth, I just don’t really know how to make them look good, so I’ll accept that this model will be a test of sorts, and when I become more capable I’ll make an amazing model that I can be proud of!

Also as I recently learnt how to do lighting in Maya I did a quick experiment just to test lighting (something I’m really looking forwards to learning more about). I’ll probably do some more of these in the future once I learn some more interesting methods.


(Used a purple colour scheme because the character I’m modelling uses alot of purple/pink)


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