DGA160 – Final Animatic

You may remember I made some character designs for a storyboard a while back: here. Well here is the final animatic featuring these characters. The animatic is very rough, but hopefully detailed enough the show enough about what’s going on, and all the frames are directly cut from my storyboard. With the animatic I wasn’t focused so much on the visuals but more on the timing of the actions and the audio scratch track. I enjoy audio mixing so I tried to go all out with this. Hope you enjoy it:

(also big thanks to my dad who did all the voices)




Here is my final 3D model, and if I’m honest I’m really happy with how it turned out, especially since before now I’d never touched a 3D modelling program in my entire life. Since the last step what I have done is create another mesh atop of the mudbox mesh (using the quad draw tool) just so I wouldn’t be working with the large amount of polygons that mudbox created – basically a lower resolution mesh. To make this easier on myself I modelled half of this new mesh, then mirrored it and zipped up the seam.


When I mirrored the mesh I made the opposite side a different colour whilst I zipped it up just so it would be easier for me to distinguish between sides so I don’t accidentally mess with a wrong part and completely ruin my model.


Then after all that I created the UV’s using Maya’s unwrap function. This part made me wish I’d used more curved when creating my second mesh, but it worked well enough, it was just a little bit more finicky than I expected.


Below you will find the UV’s for this model. For the eyes I only used the same UV for each eye because it just seemed quicker and more sensible, I spent alot of time making this model symmetrical, so why stop now?


The body’s UVs


The Eye’s UVs


The nose’s UVs

So now that I had the UV’s all I needed to do was paint them and stick them back on my model. For the painting I used a combination of Photoshop and Mudbox. I did most of it on Mudbox but for the little details I went to Photoshop. So then I added the UV’s back onto the model, and voila it was done! (plus some nice lighting effects for when I render).


I’m not going to pretend this was easy, because Maya is really difficult, but despite the difficulty I really enjoyed this! It really was a labor of love for me, and I cant wait to do more in 3D and move onto bigger and greater things!


3D Model Progress #4

The version of the model seen in Progress #3 was originally going to be the final model, all I needed to do was create the UV’s and finish the texture. And since this character is very furry I was going to use Maya’s default fur setting to give the model a realistic furry look. However when experimenting with fur I just couldn’t get the right look and the model ended up looking very barren and nothing like the original turnaround. So I went back into mudbox and decided to re-sculpt the character to look more like a plastic toy over a realistic wolfy, and honestly I like how this looks alot more. (Also some minor edits include closing the mouth because adding teeth was too finicky, and adding eyes and a nose so the character looks a little more lifelike now).


Below are some more lighting tests on the character model. I really enjoy experimenting with lighting and it’s something that I’d definitely like to look more into in the future.


(p.s. figured out how to have an orthographic display in mudbox so this turnaround looks alot neater than the previous one)


3D Model Progress #3

Admittedly I really enjoy the mudbox part of the 3D modelling process as it’s more like painting which I find pretty easy. The model I used was slightly different to the last one as I made it completely symmetrical for mudbox just so the sculpting would be alot easier, which it was! Also I think I’ve kinda accepting this character won’t have any eyes or teeth, I just don’t really know how to make them look good, so I’ll accept that this model will be a test of sorts, and when I become more capable I’ll make an amazing model that I can be proud of!

Also as I recently learnt how to do lighting in Maya I did a quick experiment just to test lighting (something I’m really looking forwards to learning more about). I’ll probably do some more of these in the future once I learn some more interesting methods.


(Used a purple colour scheme because the character I’m modelling uses alot of purple/pink)


3D Model Progress #2


The final mesh is done for my 3D model, and boy was it an ordeal. I restarted atleast 3 times because the face extrusions in maya took a little while to get used to, but admittedly once I wrapped my head around it, I found that this was alot easier to do than I thought. The model above was made to look symmetrical by eye as I didn’t know how to make the mesh symmetrical at the time of modelling, but I’ve fixed it for the sculpting and UV creating.



3D Model Progress #1

For one of our tasks we’re supposed to create a 3D model in maya based on a character turnaround, touch it up in Mudbox, and then UV’s to give it a texture and make it look somewhat passable as a model (fortunately there’s no rigging involved yet).

I decided for the character I’ll be modelling to use an old character of mine called ‘Aki’. I’ve had her since I was maybe 10 years old and she’s the oldest character I have, so it’ll be kinda nice to see her as a 3D model. Since she’s four-legged, there may be some problems when modelling, because I can’t really put her in a T-pose, but I suppose that will only really affect things if I rig her as her frame may become distorted.


Aki’s Turnaround