Animation Principles #7 – Jumping into a pool

Sorry there’s no week #6 but the project was a looping animation and I had some problems uploading it to youtube (it will all be visible in my animation principles showreel which will be coming around January time).

Anyways, here is week #7’s task, create a character and show them jumping from a diving board into a pool. The first version may seem a little choppy but that’s because unfortunately I ran out of animation paper when creating it, so I had to use what paper I had sparingly (sorry about the quality Dragonframe had a peculiar setting that I just couldn’t figure out how to fix).

The version below is the improved version I created after getting more paper, it’s still not perfect (the ears jolt around alot) but it’s certainly an improvement from the previous version. Eventually I will clean up and ink the animation which may be shown in my final showreel.


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