Final Storyboard Concept Art

I’m working on my final project for storyboarding class which requires me to pick 1 out of 3 scripts to work with, and then basically storyboard it. Also as there is no concept art for any of the scenery or settings I can go all out and create my own!

The script I’m working with is called: “Zoo Troop & The Lost Pirate Treasure” and is about a rag-tag gang of pirates celebrating after a successful day of looting, when a storm hits them and capsises their ship. As it’s called “Zoo Troop” I decided to make all the characters animals to fit with the theme (also because I enjoy drawing animals alot too!)

This is my design for the pirate captain who’s called, Captain Tremaine, and I decided to make him a Lion. Lion’s are seen as leaders so I thought that would be the only fitting animal. And I noticed after first drawing his design that the name “Tremaine” also works well because Lion’s have manes; a happy little coincidence.


the image above first design I did for Captain Tremaine, and the image below is his final design. Since he’s the captain I made him very “box-like” to make him appear strong and somewhat intimidating. I like to think of his design a combination of Alex from Madagascar and Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles. IMG_1155CaptainTremaine

Below are some rough designs for possible crew members. I’ll probably not include any weak animals like rabbits, deer, frogs etc. I want the crew to be a mix of strong animals, and mainly predators. (the designs are incredibly rough)



Here are some extra designs for their pirate ship which is named in the script as “The Narwhal”. I tried to make the ship look Narwhal-like by having the front beam be incredibly long, like the horn of a Narwhal, and I tried to make the ship look similar to the body shape of a Narwhal whilst still looking like a pirate ship. There is also the design for the pirate flag too. I got my inspiration for this from the anime “One Piece” which is about pirates too, and each individual pirate ship has it’s own unique flag that looks like the tradition skull and crossbones.



One Piece style flags, aka. My Inspiration

Flag1   Flag2 Flag3   Flag4


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