The Basics And The Magic They Create

It’s weird I animate so much that things like “squash & stretch”, “secondary action”, and all the other principles are things I use in my animations all the time without even knowing what they are or where they came from – it’s not something I’ve ever really thought about until now.So I’m glad that I’m being taught about exercises that I can do to practice “the 12 principles of animation”, like the ever so popular “bouncing ball” test. I’m also so glad that I’m being taught where the 12 principles came from, who the pioneers of each principle was, how they affect everything and because of this I’m beginning to notice it in almost everything, not just animations. When I look at things I now imagine what It’d look like if it was animated, and which principles would apply, for example my dogs chasing  my cats would have Squash & Stretch as they run, Secondary action with their tails flailing as they run (and my dogs ears flopping too!), each time they complete one run cycle there would be an Arc they follow. I’m beginning to pick things apart, and whilst this may seem a very boring and technical way to look at the work, it makes everything seem more magical to me.


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