Animation Principles #1 – Bouncing Ball

Even though I’ve done alot of animation this is actually the first time I’ve ever done the bouncing ball exercise. And overall I like how it turned out, the only gripes I personally have with it are that the ball seems a bit fast at the end when it rolls to a stop, and that during the third bounce the arc the ball follows seems a bit low, and when the ball’s finished with the third arc there is a frame missing (the frame for when the ball hits the ground) which is very noticable and unfortunately I couldn’t fix this as the program’s capture settings were different and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. But I did re-shoot it with the added frame, which is down below (the fourth bounce was removed along with the roll as it bugged me a little bit):

I didn’t expect this to be perfect as it was my first time doing this, but maybe in a few weeks, after I’ve learned a bit more about animation techniques, I’ll re-do it to see how far I’ve come.


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